Milan Sodoma, born in 1985 in the Czech Republic, currently residing in Prague, is a contemporary visual artist. He specializes in large-scale ink paintings, crafting evocative black-and-white depictions of female figures using a distinctive approach. His preferred medium is black ink on cotton canvas, applied with a cylinder-shaped sponge tool and an array of unconventional implements.

Sodoma's art centers on the exploration of feminine energy within the context of contemporary Western society. His works beautifully capture the nuances of feminine energy while also delving into the delicate balance between feminine and masculine energies. Sodoma's origins in the art world are unique—he's a self-taught artist with a background in graphic and industrial design. His early affinity for graffiti and comics guided him toward an unorthodox path, where he embraced the technique of automatic drawing. This unconventional approach has become a hallmark of his style.

Milan Sodoma's artistic contributions hold immense value in today's art landscape. Through his mastery of large-scale ink paintings, he navigates intricate themes of energy, identity, and balance. His fusion of self-discovery, artistic innovation, and a keen understanding of contemporary narratives positions him as a revered contemporary artist, celebrated for his authentic and evocative creations.


INKLINK / GMBS Gallery, Prague
We Met Again / Solo Show
Art Zone Palladium, Prague

Balance / Solo Show
Ex Post Gallery, Prague

Speed Art Dating / Group Show
Ex Post Gallery, Prague

2017 – 2018
Kolben Open / Group Show
Pragovka Art District, Prague

The Hunt for Moby Dick / Solo Show
Dudes and Barbies Gallery, Prague

2015 – 2017
Lustr – Festival of Illustration, Prague


2016 – now
Artist based in Prague, Czech Republic

2010 – 2016
Freelance graphic designer and illustrator, Prague, Czech Republic

2005 – 2010
Graphic School Prague – Graphic Design, Prague, Czech Republic

2000 – 2004
Secondary School of Applied Art – Industrial Design, Uherske Hradiste, Czech republic